Our Mission

Through the game of golf and its intrinsic values of sportsmanship, discipline, and integrity, the San Diego County Junior Golf Association's mission is to enrich the lives of youth through education, training, and competition.

Self-Discipline | Practicing to become the best you can be
Respect | For the game, your competitors and yourself
Integrity | Knowing, and abiding by the rules of golf
Social Skills | Developing the ability to interact with others successfully
Conduct | Adopting behaviors and attitudes that the game demands
Maturity | Experiencing success, failure, potential and limits
Balance | Achieving physical fitness and mental well-being


Scott Simpson - PGA TOUR
"I have many great memories of playing in Junior Golf, but the most important thing to me was making lifelong friends, learning how to compete with other fine players and just enjoying the thrill of playing tournament golf at home."

Craig Stadler - Champions TOUR
"I owe so much of what I have to Junior Golf. I really enjoyed playing with kids my own age and learning how to be competitive."

Phil Mickelson - PGA TOUR
"It's hard to overstate how much the SDJGA has meant to me as a person and as a player. At an early age I developed respect for fellow competitors and for the game. I learned how to win honorably and, I think, how to lose gracefully. Whether we're talking about the game of golf or life, those lessons are key building blocks for young people." 

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